Box Free Thinking (BFT) was developed beginning in 2003 as a reference tool for individuals, groups, or businesses needing to think outside of ordinary solutions – outside the box – in order to solve problems in their organizations or communities.  BFT has observed a lack of resources for creative analysis, problem-solving and information.

 “[Box Free Thinking’s] facilitations are invaluable to our clients. [The] presentations are the most popular and highly rated by our clients,” Jeannette Peten – BiGAUSTIN President & Founder.

“Box Free Thinking did an excellent job surveying our past clients and analyzing the resulting data to help us better understand how well our services were meeting our clients’ needs. [The BFT team was] professional and personable and gave us exactly what we were asking for within the agreed upon time frame. I would highly recommend [BFT’s] services.” The Solis Group – Austin Texas

“Working with [BFT] is an opportunity to really step outside of your traditional thought patterns and get your creative juices flowing in a fun and light process with doable results.  I highly recommend investing your time with [BFT] you will get more than you could imagine on your own!”

 “…great facilitator. [The speaker from BFT] really got the cohort going in a great conversation.”



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