BFT’s Strategic Planning and Economic Analysis

Box Free Thinking (BFT) has teamed with nationally renowned Economists and Strategists to offer economic expertise, market evaluation and creative thinking for your business, governmental organization or commercial start-up.  BFT’s impressive group of associates specializing in economics, analysis, and research offer a broad range of high-powered economic and market evaluation services.  Our experts and strategic thinkers have served as market research consultants; economic development professionals and conducted independent economic research.

Independent Economic Analysis, Market Research and Economic Support

Are you understaffed? Working in a new territory? In need of analysis on a specific market or company? BFT has developed a working relationship with overachieving experts, researchers, and analysts. For the small and mid-sized firm, we can easily meet the immediate needs brought about by an unexpected case, client, or project.

Market Research and Customer Analysis

BFT’s reputation as a market research provider is exemplary.  Our people are award winning instructors in the field of market research and have assisted dozens of small businesses and small governmental agencies with our applied approach to understanding a market and its trends.

BFT offers a tool designed to make your organization better and allow you to better understand the wants, need, and opinions of your service. BFT has time and again succeeded in obtaining comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data through open-ended conversations. BFT acts as an independent observer offering candid analysis and business growing results.

 Facilitation Services / Customer Analysis

BFT’s professionals are proven facilitators with excellent results in determining the needs and wants of customers, market trends, and simply getting the real information your organization needs to succeed.  Whether over the phone or in a small group forum, if you want results and you want answers, BFT can help.

Brainstorming for small business owners

A trademark of Box Free Thinking, are you a small business owner or manager without the sounding board for new ideas?  Stuck and need to figure out how to move forward?  BFT’s professionals sit with you in a non-partisan atmosphere with the whole idea of finding your inner success and helping you make your successes a reality. 


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